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The soundboard of Furch Blue SA model is made from high-grade Sitka Spruce. The back and sides feature high quality Zebrawood. Open Pore Finish leaves wood pores exposed, which preserves the natural acoustic properties of tonewoods. This combination of high-quality solid tonewoods and proprietary finish produces a beautiful musical sound across the entire tonal range, with darker tones.

Unique voicing process

The premium nature of Furch Blue SA guitar is underscored by the fact that the soundboard is tuned using the voicing process, which enhances the guitar’s tonal properties to the highest level. Thanks to that, Furch Blue SA guitar has a crystalline clear, harmonically rich, balanced, and highly dynamic sound across the entire tonal spectrum.

Open-Pore Finish

Furch Blue SA guitar features Open-Pore Finish, a special thin finish that promotes the natural sonic qualities of tonewoods and provides an excellent level of surface protection. The finish accentuates low frequencies and produces a natural woody sound.

Exquisite Exotic Woods

The back and sides are made from Zebrawood, a striking African Tonewood that produces a deep sound and has a distinct yellow or golden brown colour with dark brown to black growth rings.

Furch CNR System Neck Design

A high precision dual action truss rod maintains neck stability and allows fine adjustments of the neck relief in both directions. The truss rod is installed in a carbon casing filled with silicone to prevent undesirable vibrations and to ensure smooth action.

  1. A fully adjustable dual-action truss rod for highly precise adjustment of the neck bow in both the convex and concave directions.
  2. A highly rigid carbon casing that maintains the neck in the set position over a period much longer than is the case with standard neck joint designs and, at the same time, facilitates a gradual bow in the neck, a factor of essential importance for playability.
  3. A casting made of special alloy located inside the neck heel that ensures a stable position of the neck.

Rosette made of black walnut

The sound hole is adorned by a rosette featuring a double ring with black walnut inlay.



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